Perfect Vaporiser Machine 3 in 1 Facial Sauna, Vaporizer And Nose Steamer

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  • 3 in 1 Steam Sauna vaporizer is unique in nature it is useful for both health & beauty.
  • This vaporizer is highly effective and easy to use. It is ideal for the purpose of inhalation during cold or respiratory problem.
  • The vaporizer is convenient in carrying while on the go as well as at home. It has a plastic body which is shock resistant and comes with a long cord.
  • The vaporizer has one more advantage, it can be used as a beauty purpose with sauna, you can use the steamer during facial, clean up or in removing clogs out of the face.
  • Cord length is approx 105 cm; Perfect Vaporizers comes with 3 months warranty against manufacturing defects only. No warranty against burn, broken or tempered pieces.
  • Do not use filtered, mineral or RO water in the vaporizer machine. We highly suggest you to use normal tap water in the vaporizer while using the product.