Why do Physiotherapist recommend Cervical Pillow?

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Is your early morning after long sleep stressful with back or neck pain? If you have a back or neck pain then the major reason might be due to use of wrong type of pillow. Wrong position while sleeping can result in stress in neck region thus resulting in neck and spine discomfort. NEOLIFE has been researching on the mechanism as to how could the spinal alignment and neck position could be balanced so that we get good sleep and have great morning! 

After immense research and development NEOLIFE has come up with a product NEOLIFE Cervical Pillow that might help balance the alignment! Cervical Pillows not only offer support but also contour to the body, relieve pressure and increase blood circulation to aid restful sleep. Used correctly an orthopaedic pillow can help alleviate pressure points on vulnerable body areas to significantly ease pain and discomfort. Cervical Pillow supports the neck’s natural curve whether you sleep on your side or back.  Cervical Pillow feature a central hollow to cradle the head and raised sides to provide extra support and maintain the correct alignment of the neck and spine. 

To know more: https://mksmedicaldevices.com/products/neolife-cervical-pillow-pu-foam?_pos=1&_psq=pillow&_ss=e&_v=1.0

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