NEOLIFE Gel Products with Paraffin gel. Technology "Progel"

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NEOLIFE Gel products are made from state of the art technology called "Progel" Progel is similar to human flesh in its consistency, touch and reaction to pressure. Progel conforms exactly to body shape of sitter, achieving high degree of equal weight distribution and having good shock absorbing properties.

The unique factor that differentiate our products from our competitors is the gel. #NEOLIFE use "paraffin gel" in all its gel products.

Some important features are:-

1) Significant impact resistance, shock absorption and extreme durability.

2) Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and doesn't support microbial growth.

3) Pressure dispersion ability.

4) Reusable and cost effective.

5) Complete bedsore prevention.

6) Biodegradability.

7) Non irritating to skin, soft, strong and elastic.

8) Offers optimal comfort.

The Products available with us in the gel segments are:-

1) #NEOLIFE #Heel #Cushion #Gel

2) NEOLIFE #Ladies Heel Cushion Gel

3) NEOLIFE #Insole Gel with Arch

4) NEOLIFE #Exercising #Ball Hard/Soft

5) NEOLIFE #Arch Support

6) NEOLIFE #Strip #Heel Cup

7) NEOLIFE #Metatarsal Pad

8) NEOLIFE #Toe #Spreader with Loop

9) NEOLIFE Toe Spreader with #Bunion Shield

10) NEOLIFE #Diabetic Socks

11) NEOLIFE 2/3 #Insole with High Arch

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